Ukaguru Spiny-throated reed frog: New Silent frog species

A voiceless frog was recently discovered in Tanzania. It does not croak or sing like other frogs. It was found in the Ukaguru mountains of Tanzania and hence the name Ukaguru spiny throated reed frog. They have spines in their throat and hence phrase spiny throat has been added to their name.

About the Ukaguru Spiny throated reed frog

  • These frogs are nearing extinction. The scientists have been conducting wide and long amphibian research in the Ukaguru mountains since 2019. They were hoping to find Churamiti maridadi. This amphibian is rare and is nearing extinction. It has been found only twice so far.
  • The Ukaguru spiny-throated reed frog had smaller eyes and unique body proportions.
  • The Ukaguru lies in the Eastern Arc List and is rich in biodiversity.

A tough research

The new species was discovered during tough research being conducted in the wild. Scientists are using satellite receivers, distributing photos of rare toads to the nearby tribal and villagers, and a lot more techniques to document the toad species in the mountain.

Spines in the throat

Male frogs generally croak to call upon the female during the breeding season. They identify their species with the croaking sound. The Ukaguru spiny-throated reed frogs do not croak. Probably they use Braille-like sign language. Scientists believe that they may use their spines to call upon others.



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