CRISPR/CAS9 Technology: Meaning, Scope, Ethical and Safety Concerns

CRISPR/CAS9 is a new gene-editing technology that promises to revolutionize the genetics field. Using this technology, genes of any living organism can be edited at a faster and cheaper rate than the present technologies. By comparison, older gene-editing tools are cumbersome, inaccurate and inefficient. CRISPR as a tool has been seen as a potential solution […]

Personal Genomics: Meaning, Applications and Issues

Genome refers to the genetic material of an organism and it comprises of DNA (or RNA in RNA viruses). It offers a blueprint for an organism’s structure and function and has all information necessary for life. Study of genome is called genomics. One of the basic disciplines in genomics is Genome sequencing which refers to […]

Block Chain and Distributed Ledger Technology

In India, governance bodies at all levels are grappling with an explosion of information from various traditional channels of information supply like property and land records, data pertaining to population, geography, welfare schemes etc. Apart from the traditional channels newer sources of data emanating from corporate compliance requirements, securities laws, banking and finance regulations, intellectual […]

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the application of computer, electronics, and communication technologies and management strategies in an integrated manner to provide traveller information to increase the safety and efficiency of the surface transportation systems. These systems involve vehicles, drivers, passengers, road operators, and managers all interacting with each other and the environment, and linking […]

Application of 3D printing in Medicine

Over the past decade, 3D printing has found its use in a wide range of industries. One such industry is medicine. 3D printing is helping revolutionise the health sector and rising people’s health prospects. About 3D printing 3D (three dimensional) printing is the process of creating solid 3D objects from a collection of images in […]

IISC’s invention and its application in Nano-electronics industry

As per this news, IISC’s scientists have found out a method to lay circuits in electronic chips which would be both cost effective and energy efficient. They have devised a methodology to etch nano-circuits on silicon chips at room temperature, which has a potential to boost the research efforts at fundamental chip level. What are […]

Understanding Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) Technology

LiFi or Light Fidelity is a technology that uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) to transmit data wirelessly.  It was first demonstrated at a TED talk in 2011 by German physicist Harald Haas. However, its commercial utilization has started only in 2015. How it works? Li-Fi uses LEDs and ‘visible’ light to transmit data wirelessly as […]