What is Vigyan Yatra?

Vigyan yatra is a promotional activity to promote scientific temper. It is being carried out as a part of the India International Science Festival.

About Vigyan Yatra

The Vigyan Yatra is a promotional activity of the sixth edition of India International Science Festival. The festival is organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Vans, that serve as mobile science exhibitions, are flagged off from various cities as part of this initiative. It will cover all local schools and universities. It also helps take the culture of science to the masses. About 30 locations across the country have been identified for such Vigyan yatras.

India International Science Festival

It is a celebration to promote science and technology. It demonstrates how science can lead India towards development in short period of time. The Ministry of Science and Technology along with Vijnana Bharati called VIBHA has created a unique platform to inspire curiosity and make learning more rewarding. The number of events under IISF has increased from 28 to 41 covering STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) solutions to tackle new challenges. In 2020, 12 new events on energy, waste, clean air and sanitation has been added.

This year, the festival is celebrated under the theme

Theme: Science for Self-Reliant India and Global Welfare

Objectives of IISF

  • To motivate young scientists to find solutions to burning issues of the society
  • To engage public with science and celebrate the joy of science
  • To show ways how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics shall provide solutions to improve the lives of the people.


The Science festivals and promotion yatras are important to express the importance of science and technology of a country. It provides inventors, scientists and researchers a chance to interact closely with citizens and students. The main aim of these festivals is to engage citizens with science in ways that are empowering and inspirational.


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