November 10: World Science Day for Peace and Development

Every year, the World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated to ensure that citizens are kept well informed about the developments of science. This year the day is celebrated under the following theme

Theme: Science for and with Society

Key Highlights

The day was proclaimed in 2001 and Is being celebrated by the United Nations since 2002. The main objectives of the day are as follows

  • To strengthen the role of science for sustainable and peaceful societies
  • To promote national and international solidarity
  • To draw attention about the challenges faced by science
  • To renew national and international commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

The Goal 17 of SDG aims to enhance north-south, south-south and triangular regional cooperation through development of science and technology.

Rio+20 outcome

Prior to SDG Agenda, the Rio+20 outcome was the only common platform that aimed to strengthen science and technology.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit was also called United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.


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