Scientists develop “Catch and Kill” air filter that kills COVID-19

The scientists at the University of Houston have developed “Catch and Kill” air filter. The filter is capable of killing COVID-19 virus that has the potential to stay alive in air for 3 hours.

About the filter

The filter in the device is 200 degrees Celsius hot in working condition. The temperature has been set high for the filter as COVID-19 cannot survive above 70 degrees Celsius. The filter killed the virus almost instantly. The filter is heated electrically


The filter can be fit into ventilation, HVAC and conventional heating systems.


The Filter can be easily installed in schools, hospitals and health care facilities. It is made from commercially available nickel foam. The filter also killed the spores of the deadly bacterium Bacillus anthracis. The bacteria causes anthrax disease.


The World Health Organization recently acknowledged the fact that COVID-19 is airborne. Therefore, the filter is much needed and will play a significant role in public places.

Currently, the public places are running without air conditioning system. With the filters fitted, normalcy can be returned according to the scientists.


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