National Skill Development Corporation and Microsoft sign agreements to empower Indian Youth

On July 8, 2020, the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Microsoft signed an agreement to provide digital skills to around 1 lakh Indian youths in the next 1 year.


The partnership aims to transform India into a skilled nation. Under the partnership programme, Microsoft will collaborate with NSDC to provide free access to eSkill portal of NSDC. This will increase access to learning resources.

What is the plan?

The programme will conduct digital skilling awareness drives. It will cover a broad range of skills from entry level to advanced product-based skilling in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. The programme is a great opportunity for people to reskill and upskill and get placed in roles that are in demand.


The Collaboration will focus on accelerating online learning. With COVID-19 crisis, digital platform is the best way to impart skills to the youths and keep them engaged.


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