India and Israel sign Rs 880 crore Defence Deal

On March 19, 2020, the Indian Armed Forces operating under Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with the Israel Weapons Industry. According to the agreement, India is to procure 16, 479 LMG (Light Machine Guns) for Rs 880 crores.

Light Machine Gun

The Light Machine Guns are used as squad automatic weapons. The LMG were first used in Second World War. The name of the LMGs India is buying from Israel is called Negev. Negev is gas operated LMG.

The weapon is important as it will boost the confidence of the frontline troops. It will provide them the combat power they need.

India-Israel Defence Relations

India sees Israel’s Defence Industry as a useful source of weapons. In 2016, India signed a 600 million USD deal with Israel making Israel the second largest Defence partner of India in 2016. The Heron Drones of India used in Indian Air Force were bought from Israel. Later in 2017, the countries signed another deal of 2 billion USD.


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