Which is the World’s largest Open Pit Diamond mine?

The Mir Diamond Mine which was discovered in 1957 is the World’s largest Open pit mine. It is present in Eastern Siberia of Russia. It is the second largest excavated hole in the world, the first is Bingham Canyon copper Mine .The mine is 525 m deep and 1,200 m wide.The mine was closed its […]


France pressing for war crimes investigation in Aleppo

In its efforts to come to help to the people of Aleppo who have been at the receiving end of a deadly Syrian offensive backed by Russia, France has announced to take the matter to International Criminal Court for the investigation of war crimes. The city is reeling under an intense aerial bombing by both […]

World Energy Congress: The new Turkey-Russia reset

Putin and Erdogan have once again voiced support and possibilities for the construction of a gas pipeline which had been put off due to rising tensions between the two nations. In two different addresses at the World Energy Congress being held at Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have […]

Russia suspends Plutonium Deal with US

In another jolt to US-Russia relations, President Vladimir Putin has suspended a deal on disposal of weapons-grade plutonium based on accusations that US is creating an atmosphere of posing a threat to strategic stability and has not been able to honour its obligations to use surplus weapons grade Plutonium.  Russia has based its step as […]

World History: Japanese Imperialism

Before Meiji Restoration (1867), which led to Emperor Meiji’s ascension to power, Japan was basically a feudal state with a confusing and ambiguous power structure. With this key event in Japanese history, Japan embarked on a meteoric rise as a regional and world power with industrialization, westernization, and militarization as core components of Imperial Japan. Racism against […]