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National Common Market for Agriculture Commodities

Agriculture in India is a state subject and thus the states are free to frame laws related to marketing the agriculture commodities. At present such commodities are managed by the Agriculture produce market committee (APMC) and the alleged involvement of the middlemen appears to be the major hurdle in the agriculture marketing. Budget 2015 goes ..

Ordinances for bypassing the Democracy

Parliament is considered as the temple of democracy where the representatives of people sit together to decide the fate of its people by enacting the legislations. Parliamentary process gives legitimacy to the voice of unheard and hence brings in, a comprehensive legislation catering the need of the majority. Our constitution maker in order to prevent ..

Analysis: CAG and its Multifaceted Role

CAG is a constitutional office under article 148 and is appointed by the President of India by warrant under his hand for a period of 6 years or up to age of 65 years. Removal of CGS is as difficult and similar to removal of a Supreme Court Judge. The conditions and services of CAG ..

List of Parliaments of Different Countries

Country Name of Parliament Iran  Majlis Iraq  National Assembly Israel  Knesset Italy  Chamber of Deputies and Senate Japan  Diet Jordan  National Assembly Korea (North)  Supreme People’s Assembly Korea (South)  National Assembly Kuwait  National Assembly Laos  People’s Supreme Assembly Labanon  National Assembly Lesotho  National Assembly and Senate Lithuania  Seimas Luxembourg  Chamber of Deputies Libya  General People’s ..