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Constitutional, Judicial and Parliamentary Supremacy in India

The first and foremost feature of Indian Sovereignty is that Constitution is the supreme law of the land; and all state organs including parliament, judiciary, states etc. are bound by it. They must act within the limits laid down by the Constitution. This is called Doctrine of Constitutional Supremacy. There are several preconditions of doctrine ..

Exclusive Powers of Rajya Sabha in Indian Constitution

Rajya Sabha in India’s Parliament has certain exclusive powers with respect to the following: Enable the parliament to make law on a matter of state list Creation of new All India Services Enforcing proclamation of emergency when Lok Sabha is dissolved Rajya Sabha being a federal chamber enjoys certain special powers under the Constitution. All ..

Delimitation in India

Delimitation means the drawing of boundaries. The boundaries may be domestic, national and International, but the most general use of this term is in context with electoral boundaries. Article 82 (Readjustment after each census) makes provision for delimitation of the electoral boundaries. It is the process of allocation of number of Seats and their demarcation ..

Cut Motions in Indian Parliament

After the budget is presented in Parliament and discussions over it are completed, the members get an opportunity to move cut motions to reduce the amount of demand. The members from particular parties or coalitions may bring their own cut motions. The members generally give notice of the Cut Motions for the reduction of the ..

Railway Convention Committee

Prior to 1924, the Railway Finances were a part of the Central Government Finances. From 1924 onwards, the Railway Budget was separated from the Central Government budget and that continues till date. The finances of the Railways are determined by the Railway Convention committees since the Railway Convention 1950. Railway Convention Committee The railway convention ..

Parliamentary Fora in India

The Parliamentary Fora or Forums provide a platform to members of the house to have interaction with the Ministers concerned, experts and key officials from the nodal Ministries with a view to have a focused discussion on critical issues facing the country so as to enable them to effectively raise these issues on the floor of the ..

Crisis of Accountability and Governance in India

Accountability in India has two facets, separate but interrelated. The first is political, where the executive is accountable to Parliament, which has many devices and Instrumentalities for keeping tabs on the executive. The second facet is primarily administrative, where the (political) executive holds the civil servants accountable for how they carry out their responsibilities. The ..

National Common Market for Agriculture Commodities

Agriculture in India is a state subject and thus the states are free to frame laws related to marketing the agriculture commodities. At present such commodities are managed by the Agriculture produce market committee (APMC) and the alleged involvement of the middlemen appears to be the major hurdle in the agriculture marketing. Budget 2015 goes ..