Monsoon: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Floral festival ‘Bathukamma’ starts

The floral festival titled ‘Bathukamma’has started in Telangana on 28th September 2019, which is celebrated particularly by the women of state. The 9-day festival takes place towards the end of the monsoon season, just before the onset of winter. Traditionally, Bathukamma is all about worshipping the local goddesses of Telangana and revering to their power ..

What is causing heavy rainfall in Mumbai?

Year after year, the Indian city of Mumbai is brought to a standstill by the rains and the heavy outpours. Not only do these rains cause a loss of time and economic productivity but are also responsible for the deaths and destruction due to their occurrence. Rains in Mumbai Mumbai suffers from a heavy bout ..

Water Utilisation and Thermal Power Plants

A large part of India is facing an acute water crisis. The delay in monsoons and less than expected rainfall has further worsened the situation. India’s water use policies must underline the fact that India has only 4% of the world’s renewable water resources for catering to about 18% of the world’s population. Water Utilisation ..

Rainfall in India

India relies mostly on the Monsoons for its water replenishment needs. The monsoons (southwest summer monsoon) occur over a four-month period and the weather is dominated by massive convective thunderstorms. Why monsoons matter? The rains brought by the Indian Monsoons have an impact on the overall Indian economy as a good monsoon season increases agricultural ..

Beryllium-7identified for predicting monsoon

Lucrezia Terzi, a researcher at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCKCEN), has come up with a new way of predicting the monsoon at a science and technology conference organised in Vienna by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO). The new method measures how much Beryllium-7 (an isotope of the element Beryllium) is present in the ..

Monsoon 2019 : Mumbai reels under Rains

Though a bit late, the Southwest Monsoon has reached Mumbai and parts of Gujarat. The city of Mumbai has been reeling with several major traffic jams and waterlogging after receiving a heavy bout of rainfall. The rain has, however, brought relief to the prevailing dry and parched climate in the city. Monsoons in India Most ..

Rain Water Harvesting

The ongoing water crisis in Chennai has attracted immense all across the world with several prominent celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rajnikanth expressing their concern on this matter. Rajnikanth has suggested that this water crisis can be mitigated if adequate arrangements to harvest rainwater are made in the state. To be fair, rains do cause ..

Cyclones from Arabian Sea

Cyclone Vayu has changed course and has started moving away from the Indian coast towards Oman. Cyclone Vayu which was categorised as very severe was seen an outliner. Why seen as an outliner? West coast of India sees much fewer cyclones than the East coast. Data suggests that the eastern coast witnesses four times more ..