What is the meaning of Contra Fund?

Contra Fund is a type of fund which is different from other such funds by the style of investing. It takes a contrarian view of the asset. It is the poor performance of the asset which usually allows distortions in valuations. The contra funds usually capitalise on these distortions. It is assumed that the asset ..


What is a Contractionary Policy?

Contractionary Policy refers to the monetary policy which aims to slow down the economy by introducing a reduction in money supply for lesser money and investment. There are many economic tools used by the Central Bank of every nation like CRR, SLR, Repo, Reverse Repo, Interest Rate etc. to keep a check on the volume ..

What is the meaning of Capital Growth?

Capital growth is defined as the increase in the value of assets over a period of time. It is measured as per the current value of the asset under consideration as compared to the original investment. It is one of the primary reason for investment by most investors. It can be categorised as moderate growth ..

What is the meaning of Asset Allocation?

Asset Allocation is a strategy to invest in which investors or portfolio managers try to balance risks and rewards by making a suitable adjustment of the percentage of the amount which is invested in an asset or portfolio. This usually varies with the risk tolerance of the investor, his long-term goals and also time frame ..

What is 52-Week High Low in share market?

A 52-High/Low is the precisely denotes the highest and the lowest price of the stock, security or bond at which it traded in the past one year or 52 weeks. The stock market is routinely exposed to many fluctuations due to many national and international factors. It is during these upheavals that stocks record the ..