What is the meaning of Cost and Freight?

Cost and Freight is a legal term used in international trade and it refers to the charges which the seller has to incur for bringing the goods to the decided destination port. Cost stands for the actual cost of goods while freight stands for all other charges which are related to transportation of goods. In […]

What is the meaning of comparative advantage?

Comparative advantage is elementary to international trade relations. The ability of a nation to produce any commodity at a lesser opportunity cost than its competitors is known as comparative advantage. It is basically a law in economics which refers to the ability of any economic participant to be able to produce various goods at relatively […]

Current Trends in Global Trade

The current trends in global trade can be discusses under the below heads. Positive Relation between Word Trade Growth and World GDP Growth World GDP growth is followed by the growth in world trade, and vice-versa. This indicates that there is a positive relation between growth in export and world GDP growth. However, this growth […]

Theories of International Trade

International trade refers to exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders. The main difference between the domestic trade and the international trade is of “cost of doing trade” because the international trade involves border costs such as tariffs & customs, time costs due to distance and border delays and other costs associated with […]

India Africa Trade Relations

Following India’s economic liberalization from 1991 onwards, Africa has emerged and is likely to remain crucial for natural resources and developing markets. India’s growing synergy with Africa is evident from the recent trends in trade. The total trade was than $1 billion in 1990-1991 and has grown to $71 billion in 2014-15. India is now […]

Current Trends in India’s Agricultural Exports and Imports

In 2012-13, the share of agricultural commodities and food products in India’s overall export basket was 10.66%.  This figure was around 20% in 1990s while 7.9% in late 2010s. Thus, from 1990s onwards, the share of farm exports in India’s total exports went down, and it has only improved in recent years marginally. The reason […]