8th Foundation Day of Land Port Authority of India held in New Delhi

On March 2, 2020, the eighth foundation day of the Land Port Authority of India was celebrated. The event discussed various aspects of land ports such as cargo operations at Integrated Check Ports and other border infrastructure.

Land Port Authority of India

The Land Port Authority of India is responsible for managing border infrastructure. It creates, upgrades and maintains the integrated check posts and also border infrastructure.

The Inland Custom Ports and Kartarpur Sahib Corridor were also constructed by Land Port Authority of India.


The Authority works to provide secure and efficient systems of cargo and passenger movements across international borders. It also works to reduce the dwell time and trade transaction time and costs. It promotes people-to-people contact.


The Land Port Authority of India is a statutory body. It was established under Land Ports Authority of India Act, 2010. Under the act, it has powers to undertake joint ventures to discharge its functions. It functions under Ministry of Home Affairs.


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