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Global Methane Assessment launched by UNEP and CCAC

The United Nations recently launched the Global Methane Assessment. It was released by Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and the United Nations Environment Programme. The Climate Clean Air Coalition is a global partnership of governments and non-state partners. The report says that human caused methane emissions can be reduced by 45% in 2020-30. These ..




Atmospheric Methane

A new estimate from USA’s NOAA showed that the level of methane in the atmosphere in 2019 was the highest since record keeping began. Methane Methane is a gaseous compound and the simplest form of hydrocarbon class called alkane. It is a major component of natural gases. It is a potent greenhouse gas and its ..


Coal Bed Methane

The Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas recently discussed the policies regarding coal bed methane in the Rajya Sabha. Coal Bed Methane Coal Bed Methane or Coal Seam Gas refers to methane gas that is adsorbed onto coal seams which is a solid matrix. It is a gaseous fuel that is extracted from the ..


Study finds the validity of computer models for predicting climate change

A recent study published by scientist Zeke Hausfather in the journal Geophysical Research Letters studied the accuracy of several computer models used to predict the climate change. The study found high levels of accuracy in these computer models with an average skill score of 69%. The ‘skill score’ was used to determine the success of ..


Global carbon emission’s link to India’s economic growth

Recent study published in the journal Nature Climate Change showed a link between the lower global carbon emission growth with India’s slowing economy. The growth in carbon dioxide emission has reduced in 2019 compared to 2018 according to the study and is linked to lower coal usage by India and China. China accounts for 50% ..


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