Hindi descriptions of India’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

January 10 is celebrated as the World Hindi Day. On the World Hindi Day of 2022, the World Heritage Centre announced that it is to provide Hindi descriptions of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. WHC operates under UNESCO. ..



English Language Day

April 23rd was marked as the English Language Day by the United Nations to promote multilingualism and linguistic balance. About The English Language Day is marked on April 23rd every year. The day was selected to coincide with the birth ..

After English and Mandarin, Hindi-the third most spoken language in the world

With 615 million speakers all over the world, Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world. English is at the top with 1,132 million speakers followed by Mandarin with 1,117 million speakers. Highlights On February 18, 2020, the ..


Special Textbooks by Uttar Pradesh Government for Kids suffering from Intellectual Disabilities

In perhaps first such move in the country, the Uttar Pradesh Government has started developing textbooks from classes 1 to 5 of Hindi, English and Mathematics subjects for children suffering from Intellectual and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, fragile x ..


Languages of the World

Contrary to the popular misconception that India has the most no. of different languages that are spoken in one country, the title actually belongs to the nation of Papua New Guinea. While a total of 840 languages are spoken in ..

Amitav Ghosh conferred Jnanpith Award

Noted English writer Amitav Ghosh was conferred with the 54th Jnanpith award for the year 2018. Jnanpith Award Jnanpith Award was instituted in 1961 by the Bhartiya Jnanpith to honour Indian litterateurs who write in English or any one of ..