Special Textbooks by Uttar Pradesh Government for Kids suffering from Intellectual Disabilities

In perhaps first such move in the country, the Uttar Pradesh Government has started developing textbooks from classes 1 to 5 of Hindi, English and Mathematics subjects for children suffering from Intellectual and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, fragile x syndrome, etc.  The move by the Uttar Pradesh government will allow children suffering from such disabilities to get enrolled in government schools of the state, as the government also plans to prepare subject books of Sanskrit and Environment Studies in the upcoming months. For approval, the Uttar Pradesh Government’s state Divyang Department has sent the curriculum of these specially tailor-made books to the Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI).

Those who are active in dealing with kids of learning disabilities and particular subject/language experts are helping in designing and developing the books at the English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI) at Prajayraj for English Language, Rajya Hindi Sansthan at Varanasi for Hindi Language and the State Institute of Education at Prayagraj for Mathematics.


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