Cabinet approves India-Saudi Arabia Agreement on Strategic Partnership Council

Union Cabinet headed Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved Post Facto the Agreement signed by Prime Minister for establishment of Strategic Partnership Council between India and Saudi Arabia. The agreement was signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on 29 October 2019 during former’s two-day visit to the Gulf Kingdom.

About India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council

The council will be headed by PM Modi and Crown Prince Mohammed and meet every 2 years. It will coordinate decisions regarding strategically important issues.


Strategic Partnership Council Agreement will significantly boost strategic ties between India and Saudi Arabia and will open new avenues of partnership in strategic areas such as defence, counter-terrorism, energy security as well as renewable energy.

The Agreement will enable leadership at highest-level in both India & Saudi Arabia to meet regularly as well as monitor progress in ongoing initiatives/projects under strategic partnership. It will also help identify new areas for forging strategic engagement and will define goals to be achieved and benefits to be derived. The proposal aims to benefit citizens with improved economic and commercial linkages with Saudi Arabia irrespective of any gender/class/income bias.


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