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Special Textbooks by Uttar Pradesh Government for Kids suffering from Intellectual Disabilities

In perhaps first such move in the country, the Uttar Pradesh Government has started developing textbooks from classes 1 to 5 of Hindi, English and Mathematics subjects for children suffering from Intellectual and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, fragile x syndrome, etc.  The move by the Uttar Pradesh government will allow children suffering from such ..

Pinaki Chandra Ghose launches Logo and Motto of Lokpal

The Chairman and first Lokpal of India, Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose launched the Logo and Motto of Lokpal on November 26, 2019. The Motto of Lokpal “मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ” saying “Ma Gridhah Kasyasvidhanam” is in Sanskrit language meaning Do not be greedy for anyone’s wealth, was adopted as the motto of Lokpal. Lokpal was ..