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Andhra Pradesh launches ‘NIGHA’ app to curb election malpractices

Andhra Pradesh government has recently launched a mobile application which aims at curbing the malpractices occurring during the election. Through the application, any person can file complaints about the corruption or malpractices during the campaign in the upcoming civil polls. With the photos, audio or video files sent by the people, suitable actions will be ..

International Day of Democracy 2019

The International Day of Democracy 2019 was observed on September 15. The day is celebrated to promote the tenets of democracy. 2019: Theme The theme of the world democracy day 2019 is “Participation”. Active participation of people is a key for the democracy to succeed. Article 21 (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “The ..

Compulsory Voting Bill

The Lok Sabha discussed and deliberated upon a private member’s bill on the need for compulsory voting in India. The legislators on both sides of the aisle support have deliberated on the bill. The support for the bill is on both sides of the government but so is the opposition. What is Compulsory voting? Compulsory ..

Priyanka Sharma Case and Freedom of Expression

What is the case? Priyanka Sharma, who is an activist of a political party, was arrested for sharing a morphed photo of West Bengal Chief Minister on Facebook. West Bengal Police arrested her based on the complaint which stated the photograph was against community guidelines, Kolkata’s culture and it was an insult to the chief ..

Appointments and Removal Process of the Election Commissioners and Trust Deficit Among Political Parties

Often it is said that the root problem of trust deficit of opposition parties especially the regional parties towards Election Commission lies at the flawed system of appointment of Election Commissioners. The Root Problem The Election Commissioners are appointed unilaterally by the government of the day. The governments for long haven’t paid heed to the ..

Ranked-choice Based Voting System

Often the first-past-the-post (FPP) system is criticised for being non-inclusive and the alternative proportional system is criticised as actually exacerbate polarisation. Hence an alternative in Ranked-choice based voting (RCV) system is being proposed. Features of the Ranked-choice based Voting System Under the RCV, instead of voting for only one candidate, a voter ranks the candidates in ..

Election Commission of India unveils Voter Turnout App

Election Commission of India has launched a new mobile app for the voters across the country to see the realtime availability of voter turnout during the election season in the country. The beta version of the ECI’s Voter Turnout app is available for download on the Google Play Store and as of now it has ..

Haryana CEO Rajeev Ranjan inaugurates Voter Park in Gurugram

Haryana Chief Electoral Officer Rajeev Ranjan has inaugurated India’s first-of-its-kind ‘Voter Park’ in VikasSadan building complex, Gurugram, to raise voter awareness instructing people about the electoral process. At the park, voters will gain information about the polling process and the archives of elections in the country. The park will help to motivate qualified people to ..