Siniyah Island and the Discovery of the Oldest Pearl Town

A team of archaeologists has made an incredible discovery on the Siniyah Island, situated in the Persian Gulf. They have found what is believed to be the oldest pearling town in the region. The discovery was made on the island ..



Reconstitution of Central Advisory Board on Archaeology

The Central Advisory Board on Archaeology (CABA), which was formed was formed 7-years ago to boost the ties between the people who are working in the field of archaeological research and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been re-established. ..



Indian Institute of Heritage

The Union Minister of Culture Shri Prahlad Singh Patel recently reviewed the proposal to set up Indian Institute of Heritage. About Indian Institute of Heritage Indian Institute of Heritage is a proposed institute under the Ministry of Culture. It was ..


Dhaba stone tools

The recent unearthing of ancient tools from Dhaba in North India suggest that early humans in India might have survived the Toba super-volcanic eruption. Where is Dhaba located? Dhaba, from where the stone tools were uncovered, is in Madhya Pradesh. ..

44,000 years old Painting found in Indonesia Cave

A 44,000 years old painting was discovered on the wall of a cave in Indonesia. The art appears to show a buffalo being hunted by creatures like a part-human, part-animal holding possibly ropes and spears. The finding was presented by ..

Tony Joseph wins Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize

New Delhi based Journalist and English author, Tony Joseph won the 12th edition of Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize. Tony Joseph won the award for his book ‘Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From’ which ..