Affordable housing: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

India-World Bank sign Agreements to provide affordable housing

On June 29, 2020, India and World Bank signed agreements worth 250 million USD to promote private sector to develop affordable housing in Tamil Nadu. Highlights The affordable housing is to be constructed in the state of Tamil Nadu. The funds are to be provided through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the ..

Residential Asset Price Monitoring Survey conducted by RBI

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has conducted the quarterly Residential Asset Price Monitoring Survey (RAPMS) on housing loans disbursed by select banks / Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) across 13 cities. The report indicated that housing affordability has worsened over the past 4 years as the House Price to Income (HPTI) ratio increased from 56.1 ..

The 2017 World Habitat Day (WHD) observed on 2 October

The 2017 World Habitat Day (WHD) is observed on October 2 with theme “Housing Policies: Affordable Homes” to bring attention to UN-Habitat’s mandate to promote sustainable development policies that ensure adequate shelter for all. The purpose of day is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of ..

NHB to disburse Rs 4,000 cr under Rural Housing Fund

The National Housing Bank (NHB) is targeting disbursal of Rs 4,000 crore for rural housing during the fiscal 2013, a growth of 33 % over fiscal 2012. The enhancement in the amount will encourage the provision of housing finance to target groups in rural areas, a move towards extenuating the housing shortage in rural areas ..