October 3: World Habitat Day 2022

The World Habitat Day 2022 is observed on October 3.

Key facts

  • The World Habitat Day is observed on the first Monday of October.
  • The purpose of this initiative is to promote the fundamental right to have adequate shelter.
  • The theme for this year is “Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind”.
  • The host city for the 2022 edition is Balikesir, Turkiye.
  • It focuses on the problem of rising inequalities and challenges in cities and other human settlements.
  • This issue has been worsened because of the triple Cs – coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, climate and crisis.
  • These three Cs have halted the progress made towards poverty alleviation.
  • The day calls for the prioritization of addressing urban poverty and inequality and promotion of local actions focusing on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The UN resolution designating the World Habitat Day was passed by the UNGA in 1985. It aims to assess the status of the human habitats and basic rights to adequate shelter. It reminds the global community that it is the humanity’s collective responsibility for the future of human habitats. The inaugural edition of the day was observed in the year 1986, with Nairobi (Kenya) being the Host city. Its theme was “Shelter is My Right”. The day aims to address the issue of poor urban planning and infrastructure causing inadequate housing in cities and towns.


While cities and towns provide a promise of better livelihood opportunities, they can also become centers for inequality, social exclusion and marginalization. Providing adequate housing with basic amenities is one of the ways to address these issues. The day seeks to put an end to homelessness and find solutions to the problem of the rapid urbanization and its adverse implications on the environment and humanity.



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