Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – March 27, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, March 27, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.

Which of the following rulers died in the Kalinjar Fort situated in the Bundelkhand region of central India?
Which among the following is the first Indian PSU listed in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) ?
In which year after independence, India became a party to the International Wheat Agreement for a four-year period?
Consider the following statements:
  1. Both WPI and IIP are released by CSO
  2. Both WPI and IIP exist since British Era
Which among the above statements is are correct?
Historic region of Transylvania is located at?
Which among the following correctly defines Global 200?
Consider the following comparisons of Diesel with Gasoline:
  1. In comparison to Gasoline, Diesel offers low volumetric energy density
  2. In comparison to Gasoline, Diesel is cheap all over the world
  3. In comparison to Gasoline, CO2 emissions from diesel are higher
Choose the correct statements:
Which among the following is the most spoken mother tongue in the European Union?
Which of the following eaves will be produced on bombarding a metal target by high energy electrons?
Where is the Chittorgarh fort located?

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