Textile Advisory Group for Manmade Fibre

The Speaker of the house forms the advisory committees. One such committee was recently formed to look into the issues of the textile sector. The committee also studied the issues faced in the manmade fibres. The Minister of Textiles Shri Piyush Goyal recently headed his first meeting with the advisory group.

 What did the committee convey to the minister?

  • The imports of man-made fibres are increasing in the country. This is affecting the local business
  • Of all the Man-made fibres, imports of fibres made of PTA (Poly Terephthalic Acid) and MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) are the highest.
  • India has huge potential in man-made fibres and it remains unutilized
  • The committee suggested solutions to revamp the man-made fibres chain in the country
  • Shortage of effluent treatment facilities
  • Shortage of quality processing facilities

Minister decisions after the meeting

  • To augment the Production Linked Incentive scheme and include man-made fibre-dependent beneficiaries in the scheme.
  • A Quality Control Order is to be enforced

About the Advisory Group

The advisory group comprises of experts in the textiles sector, and associations like AEPC, ASFI, and SIMA. SRTEPC, CPMA, etc. The group  was led by the Association of man-made fibre industry of India and the Association of the synthetic fibre industry



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