Walking Pilgrimage through Buddhist Circuit

The Sangwol Society of South Korea is organizing a walking pilgrimage in India. Under this, 108 Buddhists will walk and cover 1,100 km in India. The pilgrimage will visit places in the states of UP and Bihar and will span for 43 days. Buddhism is the official religion of South Korea. It reached South Korea from India. The walking pilgrimage will increase the cultural ties between India and South Korea.

Sites visited during the Pilgrimage

During the pilgrimage, the Buddhists will visit the following sites:

  • Nalanda University: Nalanda University is one of the ancient universities. It was established during the Gupta rule. It was destroyed by Khilji in 1193
  • Bodh Gaya: Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under a Peepal tree here
  • Mahaparinirvana Temple: It is in Kushin Nagar; believed to be the the death place of Lord Buddha
  • Ramabhar Stupa: Built over the ashes of Lord Buddha; constructed by Malla kings
  • Lumbini: Birth Place of Lord Buddha




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