SWASTIIK Technology for Disinfecting Water

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune has launched a new technique called SWASTIIK to disinfect water by using natural oils. It was launched because, water-borne diseases have increased India’s disease burden.

How SWASTIIK is different from existing methods?

  • Disinfection of water is essential to remove pathogenic microorganisms that causes water-borne diseases. But, chemical methods like chlorination to disinfect water, generate harmful or carcinogenic by-products.
  • Thus, SWASTIIK technology was developed which boils liquid as a result of pressure reduction or cavitation. This method uses natural oils with antimicrobial properties to disinfect water.


This technology was developed in backdrop of National Jal Jeevan Mission (NJJM) which recently issued an advisory for states and Union territories to monitor and survey water quality and ensure potable water amid rising covid-19 cases.

About SWASTIIK Technology

This method can eliminate harmful bacteria and antibiotic-resistant strains, economically. It integrates Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda to disinfect water and offer possible health benefits of natural oils. It uses hydrodynamic cavitation; combines chemistry, biology, & chemical engineering along with natural resources like natural oils & plant extracts to disinfect water. Thus, method has increased the efficiency and reduced cost of water treatment.


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