NHRC advisories on Bonded Labourers & Migrant Workers

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued advisories on bonded labourers & migrant workers amid covid-19 cases.

What are those advisories?

  • Advisories were issued to ministries and states to look after adverse impact of covid-19 on labourers and migrant informal sector workers.
  • NHRC, looking after adverse effects of pandemic on different sections of society, issued three fresh advisories to Centre, states and union territories under its “2.0 series of Covid-19 pandemic advisories”.
  • Advisories include:
  1. Right to mental health;
  2. Identifying, releasing and rehabilitating bonded labourers; and
  3. Safeguarding the rights of informal workers.

How centre and states will comply with advisories?

NHRC has asked to implement these recommendations given in advisories on which centre and state will have to report to NHRC within four weeks.

Why recommendations were made?

NHRC issued advisories after it observed that; covid-19 pandemic and covid-19 induced lockdown have led to “adverse mental health outcomes among vulnerable groups.

Advisory on Right to Mental Health

It focuses on 10 key areas including- mental healthcare, grievance redressal and review board, dissemination of information, awareness, support for special groups, suicide prevention, health insurance, extending outreach of mental health support and media sensitivity in reporting & promoting research.

NHRC on Informal Workers

NHRC observed, because of closure of employment opportunities in urban areas amid lockdowns, informal workers or unorganised sector workers, migrants into towns & cities have severely impacted. All these situations and evidence points towards deep economic crisis of job loss, reduced wages and shrinking of economy & manufacturing sector.


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