Supreme Court: Adults are free to choose their religion

The Supreme Court recently refused to entertain a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) of a BJP leader that sought directions to ban superstition, black magic, and fraudulent religious conversions.

SC Judgement

The Apex court pronounced that the PIL violates Article 25 of the Constitution. According to the bench headed by Justice R F Nariman, that pronounced the judgement, the word “propagate” in Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees right to religion.

Constitution on religion

The Right to Freedom is guaranteed to all religious followers under the following articles:

  • Article 25
  • Article 26
  • Article 27
  • Article 28

Article 25

Article 25 guarantees freedom to propagate, practice and profess religion to all citizens. The article allows the states to make laws:

  • Regulating and restricting economic, financial, political, and secular activities associated with religious practices.
  • To provide social welfare and reform or opening Hindu religious institutions to all classes of Hindus.

Article 26

Article 26 speaks about Freedom to manage religious affairs.

  • Every religion has the right to form and maintain institutions for charitable intents.
  • Every religion has the right to acquire movable and immovable property.
  • Every religion has the right to manage its own affairs in the matter of religion.
  • Every religion has the right to administer properties according to law.

Article 27

The Article 27 of the constitution prevents payment of taxes for promotion of a particular religion. According to the article, there shall be no taxes imposed by any institution or organisation or by the Governments (both state and centre) for the promotion or maintenance of a particular religion.

Article 28

The Article 28 of the Constitution speaks about freedom to attend any religious instructions or religious worships in educational institutions. No religious instructions shall be issued in state run educational institutions.


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