Sudan demands for civilian rule

The Sudanese protest for the scraping of the military council. Many Protestants sit outside the army headquarters rallying against military demanding civilian rule.

Sudan was governed by the President, head of the government and the army ”in ”chief. Basically it is a presidential representative democratic consociation republic where the powers are divided among the 3. A Military coup occurred on April 11 2019 because of which the President al ”Bashir and the NCP party were ousted.

The Government is now led by a Military council. The Miltary council says that the actions were done to normalise the economic crisis faced by the country. This is condemned by various European countries and also countries around the world. The German President recently told the media that she would suggest a civilian government in the country. The President Al ”Bashir has been arrested. The military officials said the president is in a safe place.

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