Special ASEAN-India Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (SAIFMM)

India hosted a Special ASEAN-India Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (SAIFMM) on June 16, 2022, in order to commemorate 30 years of ASEAN-India Dialogue Relations.

Key Facts

  • Meeting was co-chaired by External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, Vivian Balakrishnan.
  • It was also attended by Foreign Ministers of Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, besides the representatives of Foreign Ministers from Lao PDR, Thailand and Philippines.

Agenda of the meeting

During the meeting, foreign ministers highlighted the importance of India-ASEAN relations. They underlined the role played by ASEAN in India’s Act East Policy vision for a wider Indo-Pacific. They reviewed the status of ASEAN-India Partnership. Deliberations were held on COVID-19 & Health, Connectivity, Trade & Commerce, Capacity Building and Education. They further discussed on the implementation of ASEAN-India Joint Statement on Cooperation on ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific. They also exchanged views on important international and regional developments.


ASEAN is officially called as “Association of Southeast Asian Nations”. It is a political and economic union comprising of 10 member states in Southeast Asia. These member states promote intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic, security, political, educational, military, and sociocultural integration between member countries and Asia-Pacific countries.

Objectives of ASEAN

ASEAN work with the primary objective of accelerating economic growth, social progress as well as cultural development. It seeks to promote regional peace and stability in accordance with rule of law and United Nations charter. ASEAN has broadened its objective beyond social and economic.

Members of ASEAN

ASEAN comprises of 10 members namely, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.



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