September 21: World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer Day was observed across the world on September 21 with the objective of raising awareness of the disease, common symptoms and risk factors.


  • Alzheimer disease is a prevalent kind of dementia which gradually causes memory loss & loss of cognitive capacity.
  • The day raises awareness regarding the cause and severity of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • In some of the countries, the day is observed throughout the month.

About Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain condition which gradually deteriorates memory and cognitive abilities. It is the most frequent cause of dementia in older people. This condition is a progressive illness which causes brain cells to deteriorate and die.


A Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras, spoke of a human lifetime in the 7th century BC and referred to the final years of human existence as “senium.” He used the term senium to characterise the period of mental & physical deterioration. In 1901, Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist, diagnosed the first case of Alzheimer in a 50-year-old German lady. Thus, this disorder was named after Alois Alzheimer.

Alzheimer Disease International

Alzheimer Disease International was formed in 1984. On the tenth anniversary of the Alzheimer Disease International in 1994, World Alzheimer’s Day was announced and is being observed on September 21 since then. The World Alzheimer’s Month was started in 2012.

Symptoms of disease

Memory loss is the key symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Inability to recall recent events or discussions is the early symptom of the illness. Memory problems increase with the development of disease. This disease is an irreversible, degenerative brain condition, affecting memory & thinking skills.


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