IIT Ropar develops first-of-its-kind Oxygen rationing device – AMLEX

“AMLEX” an oxygen rationing device, the first of its kind in India, have been developed by researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar. This device can reduce oxygen wastage by regulating the oxygen flow from the cylinder by a patient.


Key Points

  • Developed specifically for oxygen cylinders, AMLEX synchronises the flow of oxygen of a patient. Thus by regulating the oxygen flow it reduces wastage.
  • This device will increase the lifespan of an oxygen cylinder thus saving a lot of money for patients as well as hospitals. The demand for liquid medical oxygen increased four times to 2,800 TPD and with the second wave hitting the country it went up even higher.
  • During exhalation, the oxygen in the oxygen cylinder or the pipe is also pushed out by the user along with the exhaled CO2. This leads to a large volume of oxygen wastage. Also, as there is a continuous flow of oxygen in the mask a large volume of oxygen escapes from the openings during the period between inhalation and exhalation.
  • The AMLEX device will help in adjusting the flow of oxygen with the patient’s inhalation and exhalation and thus will help in conserving a large amount of oxygen in the reservoir. This device will supply only the required volume of oxygen to the patient during inhalation and trips when the patient exhales CO2 thus saving oxygen flow at that time.


The innovators of AMLEX have said that they hope the device created by them will help in saving and reducing the wastage of oxygen and helps the patients as well as the hospitals in the long run.




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