Scientists of ARCI develop rare earth based Magnetocaloric material

The scientists from the Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), have recently developed earth based magneto caloric material to treat cancer.

About the research

The scientists at ARCI, an autonomous Research and Development Centre operating under Department of Science and Technology recently developed a new material that reduces the side effects in treatment of cancer.


Magnetic Hyperthermia is a type of cancer treatment where the body is exposed to higher temperature. In this method, magnetic nano particles are subjected to alternating magnetic field that produces heat and the heat kills the cancerous cells. However, in this treatment, the healthy cells are damaged as well.

This problem is overcome by using treatment with magneto caloric material.

About Magnetic Caloric materials

The Magnetic Caloric materials provide controlled heating. The main advantage of the using the material is that the cells cool down as soon as the magnetic field is removed. This is unlike magnetic nano particles where overheating persists.

The method will reduce side effects when used alongside radiation therapy.

Magnetic Caloric materials

The Magnetic Caloric materials are those materials that gets warmer and cooler on the application and removal of magnetic field respectively. Gadolinium is a magnetic caloric material. Some alloys made of Gadolinium, Germanium, Silicon, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorous and Arsenic are also magnetic caloric materials.


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