ICG holds 18th National Maritime Search and Rescue Board Meeting

The Indian Coast Gaurd(ICG) organized the 18th National Maritime Search and Rescue Board (NMSARB) meeting on Wednesday, 18th December 2019 for discussing policy issues, formulated procedures and guidelines to assess the efficacy of the National Search and Rescue Plan. The meeting was chaired by the Director-General of Indian Coast Gaurd(ICG), the Chairman of NMSARB, K. Natarajan and was attended by 48 board members from all Coastal States and Union Territories and from various ministries and agencies.
K. Natarajan highlighted the initiative of the Indian Coast Gaurd(ICG) in coordination with other stakeholders, that within the 4.6 million sq km vast Indian Search and Rescue Region how to improve the overall effectiveness. The ICG is the nodal agency in India for Maritime Search and Rescue and has conducted 3,180 search and rescue missions since inception, under which 9,672 lives were rescued. Also, the ICG has escorted more than 6,000 fishing boats to safe locations in the year 2019 during three severe cyclonic storms.

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