Quiz 655: Modern Indian History for SSC Examinations

1. At which of the following places was the first ever European township constructed in India?
[A] Kochi
[B] Chinsurah
[C] Surat
[D] Chennai

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2. Which of the following kingdoms granted the “Golden Farman” to Holland to trade freely in the state?
[A] Hyderabad
[B] Bijapur
[C] Golkunda
[D] Ahmednagar

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3. Treaty of Salbai is associated with which of the following wars?
[A] First Anglo–Mysore War
[B] First Anglo-Maratha War
[C] Second Anglo-Maratha War
[D] Second Anglo-Mysore War

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4. The Battle of Buxar was fought between British East India Company and:
[A] Mir Qasim
[B] Saadat Ali Khan II
[C] Ali Vardi Khan
[D] Siraj ud-Daulah

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5. Which of the following is also known as Magna Carta of Indian Education?
[A] Wood’s Despatch
[B] Sadler Commission
[C] Indian Universities Act 1904
[D] Raleigh commission

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6. Which Viceroy passed the Vernacular Press Act and the Arms Act of 1878?
[A] Lord Lytton
[B] Lord Mayo
[C] Lord Dalhousie
[D] Lord Hardinge

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7. Who was the only Viceroy of India to be murdered in office?
[A] Lord Mayo
[B] Lord Auckland
[C] Lord Lawrence
[D] Lord Northbrook

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8. Lord Ripon appointed Hunter commission for:
[A] combating terrorism and other anti-national activities
[B] educational reforms in India
[C] appointment of Indian Judges in higher judiciary
[D] None of the Above

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9. Which Viceroy passed the famous Indian Coinage and Paper Currency act (1899)?
[A] Lord Minto
[B] Lord Hardinge
[C] Lord Curzon
[D] Lord Dufferin

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10. Who among the following was also known as Maratha Machiavelli?
[A] Nana Phadnavis
[B] Balaji Vishwanath
[C] Narayanrao Bajirao
[D] Sambhaji

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