General Knowledge (GK) 2017: Quiz-1 for SSC Examinations

1. In which year, Congress acted as an opposition party in Indian Parliament for the first time?

[A] 1975
[B] 1977
[C] 1981
[D] 1998

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2. Who among the following is the author of the “Divine Comedy”?

[A] Goethe
[B] Milton
[C] Dante
[D] Shakespeare

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3. Which of the following is the first country in Asia to have large scale industrialization?

[A] Japan
[B] China
[C] India
[D] Iran

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4. In which year, the Government of India had set up the Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State relations?

[A] 1980
[B] 1983
[C] 1987
[D] 1992

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5. Which of the following correctly defines “Mother-of-pearl”?

[A] An oyster which yields the pearl
[B] A special large sized pearl found in Japan
[C] A hard iridescent substance forming the inner layer of certain shells
[D] Female individuals of certain species of shelled mollusk

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6. Which of the following Governor Generals was called “Liberator of India Press”?

[A] Lord William Bentinck
[B] Sir Charles Metcalfe
[C] Lord Auckland
[D] Lord Ellenborough

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7. With reference to United Nations, the decision that major countries should have veto power, was taken at which of the following conferences?

[A] Teheran conference
[B] Dumbarton oaks
[C] Yalta Conference
[D] Moscow Conference

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8. Knesset is the name of the parliament of which country?

[A] Israel
[B] Lebanon
[C] Tunisia
[D] Egypt

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9. The Cartaz system with reference to naval trade was used by which of the following?

[A] Dutch
[B] French
[C] English
[D] Portuguese

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10. Orang National Park is located in which of the following states?

[A] Arunachal Pradesh
[B] Assam
[C] Manipur
[D] Meghalaya

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