Quiz 475 : GK Current Affairs for All Examinations

1.In which of the following cases, VD Savarkar was sentenced to transportation for life to the infamous Cellular Jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Kala Pani) in 1911?
(A)Alipore Bomb Case
(B)Nasik Conspiracy Case
(C)Delhi conspiracy case
(D)Lahore Conspiracy Case

2.Which among the following is correct about “My Dear Kuttichathan”?
(A)It was First Malayalam Movie of India
(B)It was First 3-D Movie of India
(C)It was first technicolor movie of India
(D)It was first film in 70 mm

3.Oldest recorded Indian Music dates back to 1902, when India’s first disc had been recorded one of the following singers singing a khayal in Raag Jogiya. Identify the singer:
(A)Abdul Wahid Khan
(B)Govindrao Tembe
(C)Gauhar Jan
(D)Abdul Karim Khan

4.Who among the following started the practice of military governships in India , by leaving the military governors called “Strategos” in India?

5.Gandhara School of art is related to which of the following dynasties?

6.Which among the following was established most recently?
(A)Central Raiwaly
(B)South central Railway
(C)East central Railway
(D)West Central Railway

7.In which year, Dapoorie viaduct was completed?

8.Every kilogram of seawater has approximately how much dissolved salts?
(A)1 gm
(B)0.35 gms
(C)3.5 gms
(D)35 gms

9.The term “Halitosis” denotes which among the following?
(A)Bad hearing
(B)bad breathe
(D)Excessive Sweating

10.Which among the following country administers “Coco Islands” located in Andaman sea?
(C)Sri Lanka

11.Which among the following country has taken over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Spain from January 1 , 2011?

12.”Magnus Carlsen” is a player of which among the following sports / games?

13.On January 1, 2011, Dilma Rousseff had taken over as first female president of which among the following countries?

14.National Agricultural Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme was introduced in which of the following years ?

15.Bring out the only incorrect statement:
(A)Deepest Port of India is Vishakhapatnam
(B)Latest Major port of India is Port Blair
(C)UNESCO’s headquarters are at London
(D)Kolahai Glacier is largest Glacier of Jammu & Kashmir

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  • saiprasad

    gd job

  • rainbowsky

    hi admin,
    first 3d movie of india is chotta chetan .

    • GKToday

      NO. Chhota Chetan was dubbed from the 1984 Malayalam movie, My Dear Kuttichathan — which was India’s first 3-D film