Quiz 442: General Knoweldge for All Examinations

1.Out of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council, assent of how many is required to make a decision?
(A)5 Permanent & 5 Non-Permanent Members
(B)5 Permanent & 8 Non-Permanent Members
(C)5 Permanent & 4 Non-Permanent Members
(D)5 Permanent & 2 Non-Permanent Members

2.Who among the following is the chairman of the High Level Committee (HLC) to look into the organization and conduct of the Commonwealth Games – Delhi 2010 ?
(A)Shri V.K. Shunglu
(B)Shri Shantanu Consul
(C)Dr. A. K. Banerjee
(D)Shri Saurabh Narain

3.Who among the following is the author is the book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory?
(A)Christopher A. Pissarides
(B) Dale T. Mortensen
(C) Peter A. Diamond
(D)Oliver Williamson

4.Which among the following is the first integrated steel plant in Asia to win Deming Application Prize (in 2008) ?
(B)Tata Steel
(C)Jindal Steel
(D)Vizag Steel

5.What is the name of the world’s first Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite launched by Japan in 2009?

6.Global Hand washing Day was first observed in the wake of UN announcing which of the following years as “International Year of Sanitation“?

7.Identify the personality from the given points 1 to 4:
1. His famous quote is “Question the unquestionable”
2. He is the first Indian to receive an honorary Citizenship from the Government of Singapore
3. In 2009, He was appointed an honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire.
4. He was conferred International Award for Responsible Capitalism by an organization “First” in 2006
(A)N R Narayanmurthy
(B)Azim Premzi
(C)Ratan Tata
(D)Mukesh Ambani

8.Which among the following correctly represents the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of the Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand?
(A)UTC+05:30, UTC+06:00 , UTC+06:30, UTC+07:00
(B)UTC+05:45, UTC+06:00 , UTC+06:30, UTC+07:00
(C)UTC+05:45, UTC+06:15 , UTC+06:45, UTC+07:00
(D)UTC+05:30, UTC+06:00 , UTC+06:40, UTC+07:00

9.A tourist is planning to visit a popular tourist destination, and has the following info about it:
1. Summer Season from December to March
2. The Coordinated Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time
3. It has famous beaches and has Heaviside’s dolphins as an attraction which are endemic to this region.
Which among the following is the place, this tourist is planning to visit?
(C)Cape Town
(D)Kuala Lumpur

10.Chinnayya, Ponniah, Sivanandam and Vadivelu were teachers and composers related to which of the following dance in India?

11.Which among the following is the most common cause of Sunburn?
(A)Ultraviolet Radiation
(B)Visible Radiation
(C)Infrared Radiation
(D)Microwave Radiation

12.What is Malathion?
(A)A pigment
(B)A Vitamin
(C)A Pesticide
(D)An explosive

13.Which among the following is the main purpose of commissioning the ICGS Samudra Prahari with Indian Coast Guard ?
(A)Check Infiltration and movement of unscrupulous people
(B)Combat Marine Pollution
(C)Combat the piracy in the Indian Ocean
(D)Research and Development

14.Which among the following group best fits in a definition of a ‘shadow banking system’?
(A)Scheduled Commercial Banks, Non Banking Finance Companies, Hedge Funds
(B)Non banking Finance Companies, Investment banks, Hedge funds
(C)Scheduled Commercial Banks, Private Banks and NBFC’s
(D)Scheduled Commercial banks, Cooperative Banks and Investment Banks

15.”Ecology is Permanent Economy” This slogan is related to which of the following?
(A)Chipko Movement
(B)Narmada Bachao Andolan
(C)Appiko movement
(D)None of them

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  • promil

    will you plz tell an easy way of calculating relative times at various places ,like one you asked in Q 8 ?

  • monika

    What is Hedge funds?????