Quick Current Affairs 4.

1. World Bank has agreed to provide $ 3 billion loan to Indian Infrastructure Finance Company, SIDBI, Power Grid Corporation limited.
2. Government is proposed to establish National Science and Engineering Research Board on the line of Ntional Science Foundation of US.
3. Jalandhar is one among five cities of the selected by World Bank for special project to strengthen non motorized transport system.
4. GPS or Global Positioning System is a space based radio navigation system developed by US department of defense now available for Civilians worldwide. GPS is based upon Global Navigation Satellite Constellation.

5. Food subsidy is likely to touch a record of 50000 crore in the current fiscal.
6. The reserve Bank of India has now made buying foreign exchange for travel overseas easier. Travelers can now buy foreign exchange from authorized dealers using their debit, credit and prepaid cards.
7. Jatropha is an ideal starting material for biodiesel production and it is useful to India as it can be grown on wastelands too. Tata Chemicals recently has entered a contract with Singapore Based JOil Company for marketing seedlings of Jatropha.
8. The Bengaluru International Airport will have first of its kind a “cargo Village” which shall insure faster clearances of exim consignments.
9. India’s Coal based power plant of NTPC at Dadri will have now India’s First Photo Bioreactor to absorb Co2 and Nitrous Oxides with the help of microsms particularly Algae.
10. India expects to add a 1500 MW power by the end of 2009.
11. Indian made her debut on 11 Dec. 2008 in 3G services popularly called Third Generation phone services offered by MTNL. A customer can receive potentially internet and data applications at the speed of 2 MBPS.
12. Bernard L. Madoff , Chairman of Madoff Investment Securities and NADAQ ex chief had been arrested in December for a 50 Billion dollars fraud.
13. Angelina has become the highest paid Hollywood reporter after taking $ 23 million for film “Wanted”.
14. J.K. Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter series and his latest book is “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”.
15. Chinese Scientists have completed Initial Clinical Trials of AIDS Vaccine with Good results.

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