Quick Current Affairs 5

1. APEC is Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation . Its HQ are at Singapore.
2. Carla Bruni has been made the first ambassador to the Geneva based Globa Funds to Fight AIDS TB and Malaria.
3. Dr. Mohammed Al Berdei was given Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development.
4. UN recently banned Jamat-ud-Dawa.
5. India’s Moon Impact Probe (MIP) landed on Moon surface on 14 Nov. 2008.
6. Stolt Valor a ship which was hijacked by Somali pirates of Sea was under the flagship of Hong Kong.
7. On November 12, 2008 India Successfully tested Shaurya Missile which is a Surface-to-Surface Missile.
8. Ganga has been given National River state Recently.

9. Recently EU-Russia summit held at Nice.

10. Recently OPEC summit held at Abu Dhabi.
11. USA has agreed to withdraw its troops from Iraq by 2012 as per an agreement.

12. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Bharat Ratna was born in Gadag.
13. The operation to flush out Mumbai terrorists was Operation Black Tornado.
14. Highest number of electoral votes in America belongs to Califonia.
15. In USA presidential elections Barak Obama got 364 electoral college votes.

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