Phaseout of MiG-21

The Flying Coffins MiG-21s, which have been in news for frequent crashes, will be phased out by the Indian Air Force by 2017 and replaced by modern fighter aircraft such as Su-30MKI and indigenous LCA. The phase-out will begin from 2015-16 and last of the squadrons of the aircraft will be phased out by 2017 . (M M Pallam Raju-State Minister for Defence).

  • Till now, IAF has inducted a total of 946 MiG-21s in its fleet and 476 of them have been lost in various accidents over the past 45 years.
  • Most of these accidents had occurred due to old technology.
  • MiG-21s constitute the majority of our squadrons and they will gradually be replaced by the LCAs, Su-30MKI, Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft and the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft, which is being developed with Russia.


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