Patch Reporting App

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami, recently inaugurated the innovative “Patch Reporting App” at the Secretariat. Developed by the Public Works Department, this user-friendly application aims to address the persistent issue of potholes on the state’s roads. By empowering individuals to report potholes and monitor the actions taken, the app strives to make Uttarakhand’s roads safe and free of potholes.

Enhancing Accountability and Efficiency

The Patch Reporting App, an initiative led by the Public Works Department, offers a convenient platform for citizens to register complaints and provide detailed information about encountered potholes. Users can even capture photographs of the potholes to supplement their reports. The app ensures transparency by providing regular updates on the actions taken to resolve the complaints, including visual evidence.

Interactive and Location-Based Design

Designed to facilitate interaction with the public, the Patch Reporting App automatically displays the precise location information of reported potholes using latitude and longitude coordinates. This feature enables accurate identification and prompt action by the Public Works Department. Furthermore, both the complainants and higher-ranking officials receive comprehensive details of the work done, accompanied by photographs, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Public Engagement and Road Safety

The primary objective behind the development of the Patch Reporting App is to make the roads of Uttarakhand safe and smooth for commuters. By actively involving the general public, the app encourages citizens to contribute to the maintenance of road infrastructure. The application serves as a vital channel for reporting potholes on roads managed by the Public Works Department in Uttarakhand.



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