Noxeno: Nasal foreign body removal device launched

Government has launched Noxeno, a nasal foreign body removal device developed by start-up InnAccel Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore. It was developed by fellow trained under Biodesign program. Noxeno is It is first dedicated tool for anterior nasal foreign body (NFB) removal that allows doctors in any setting to quickly and safely remove objects that people (mostly children aged 2 to 10 years) put into their noses.

Key Facts

Noxeno has been 100% invented, designed, engineered and manufactured in India. It has ergonomic handle along with built-in light source and hinge. This allows user to slip behind NFB and remove it in matter of seconds by simply squeezing the trigger and pulling the device.
The modular nature of the system allows for sterilization of hinge through autoclaving it. It is reusable device and is also both easy to use and cost-effective. InnAccel Technologies is hoping to deploy this device across primary health care centres (PHCs), community health care centres (CHCs), clinics and smaller hospitals nationwide by 2020.


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