National Tourism Day

Every year the National Tourism Day is celebrated on January 25. The day is celebrated to create awareness about the growth aspects of tourism sector. Also, the day aims to spread the impact of tourism sector on the economic development of the country.

Theme of National Tourism Day, 2022

Rural and Community centric tourism


The tourism sector was first introduced in India in 1948. A tourism committee was formed in 1948. Later in 1958, a separate tourism department was created under the Ministry of Tourism and Communication.

What is National Tourism?

It includes activities of domestic tourism and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism includes activities of the residents of the country and the also the activities of the foreign tourists within India. Outbound tourism includes activities of residents of the country in foreign soil.

Who is Father of Tourism?

Thomas Cook. He was an English innovator who founded Thomas Cook and Son, a world famous travel agency. He is the inventor of modern tourism.

State – wise Tourism in India

Maharashtra has the highest number of tourists visiting the state. More than five lakh tourists visit the state annually. After Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu ranks second in tourism with more than four lakh tourists visiting the state. After these two states, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are at third and fourth places respectively. UP has more than three lakh tourists visiting the state and Delhi has more than two lakh visitors.

Tourism in India

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the tourism sector in India generated 220 billion USD of revenue annually. Also, the tourism sector contributes to 9.2% of the total GDP of the country. The sector contributes 8.1% of employment. The medical tourism of India is 3 billion USD and is expected to grow more.

Interesting Facts about tourist spots in India

  • There are 40 UNESCO Heritage sites in India. The last UNESCO heritage site added was the Dholavira. Dholavira is a Harappan city.
  • Sikkim is the organic state of India. The state has 47.3% of its land area under forest cover. It has banned pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, single use plastics and packaged drinking water bottles.
  • Highest Rail Bridge: Chenab bridge. It is 1,315 metres and is 35 metres higher than the Eiffel tower.
  • The Sentinelese people have isolated themselves from the rest of the world. They live in Sentinel island.
  • Kangra fort in Himachal Pradesh is the oldest fort in the country.



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