National Technical Textiles Mission

To improve India’s standing in the technical textiles sector, the CCEA has approved the establishment of a National Technical Textiles Mission.

  • What is the National Technical Textiles Mission?

The National Technical Textiles Mission is a plan to improve India’s standing in the technical textiles sector. It is to have an outlay of 1,480 crore INR and will span 4 years i.e. from 2020-21 to 2023-24.  India has a low penetration level of technical textiles (5% to 10%).

  • Which ministry is to implement the mission?

The National Technical Textiles Mission is to be implemented by the ministry of textiles. A mission directorate will be set up under the ministry and will be headed by a field expert. The directorate will not have specific infrastructure building for the mission nor any permanent employment.

  • What are the components of the mission?

The mission will have 4 components: the first component will focus on research and development, the second on promotion and market development, the third component on export promotion and the fourth component on promotion of technical education in the field.

  • What is aramid fibre- one of the focuses of the mission?

Aramid fibre (from ‘aromatic polyamide’) is a strong, heat resistant synthetic fibre noted for its use in military and aerospace applications. The first component of the mission will focus on aramid fibres apart from carbon fibres, nylon fibres and also composites.

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