National Snooker championship: Aditya Mehta defeats multiple time world champion

Aditya Mehta from Mumbai, Maharashtra won the National Snooker championship held at Pune. He defeated multiple time world champion Pankaj Advani. In Women’s Snooker Finals, Vidya Pillai from Madhya Pradesh won the title.


Snooker is a game played on Billiard board. It originated among the British army officers stationed in India. The World Snooker Championship is the leading tournament that is being held since 1927.

Aditya Mehta

Aditya Mehta ranks 49 in the world ranking of Snooker players. He has so far won gold medals at world level and Asian level games.

Cue Sports

There are three main categories of cue sports namely carom billiards, pool and snooker. Carrom billiards are played without pockets on tables. Pool games are billiard games that are played on six pocket tables. They are similar to snooker games. The only difference between the games is that number of balls used in snooker is 22 and in that of pool is 9.


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