Narayan Prasad Singh, most popular lyricist of Odisha passes away

Narayan Prasad Singh, the most popular lyricist of Odisha, has passed away in Bhubaneswar on June 6, 2018. He was popularly known as Rasaraj. Born on May 28, 1933 at Koeli village, Singh earned his name in the world of Odia music. He was the lyricist of several popular melodious songs in Odia cinema. He made his debut by writing songs for Akashvani and came to be known as Rasaraj in Odia film industry for penning more than a hundred of songs that touched the heart of both the urban and rural population. Some of his songs are all time hits and his philosophical and contemporary songs had a great impact on youths. Some of his soulful and melodious songs in Odia cinema are ‘Jeevan Jamuna re Juara uthere’, ‘Ratani gaja gamani’, ‘Ae ta kali kaal reeti biparita bhai re’.

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