Mission Kushal Karmi

Mission Kushal Karmi was launched by Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, on July 6, 2022.

What is Mission Kushal Karmi?

  • Mission Kushal Karmi was launched to improve the skills of construction workers.
  • This mission was launched by Delhi government, in association with the Delhi Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board and Delhi Skill & Entrepreneurship University (DSEU).
  • Under this programme, workers will undergo a 15 days special training programme, which will help them in upskilling.
  • With the upskilling, this programme will help the workers in increasing their incomes in future.
  • It will also benefit the construction companies, as they would be able to hire skilled workers.
  • Training will be provided to workers at the place of work by university.

How many workers will be trained?

Under this programme, Delhi government has set the target to train 2 lakh workers every year. During the training period, government will also compensate for the wage loss. Government will provide all the construction workers an amount of Rs 4,200 each.

Training by Delhi Skill & Entrepreneurship University

Currently, the university has been running training centres across 3 places. Government has planned to and more centres in near future. At all the centres, workers will be provided with excellent training areas.

Objective of the programme

Mission Kushal Karmi programme has been started with the objective of providing on-the-job skill development training to around 2 lakh registered construction workers in a year. Workers will be trained for industry demand-driven job roles in construction sector. Training would be provided for 15 days or 120 hours at their workplaces.

Significance of the Mission Kushal Karmi

  • Under the programme, productivity of the workers will be enhanced by 40%. It will enhance product quality by 25 % while reducing the material wastage by 50%.
  • Programme will enhance the domain skills and soft skills of workers. This will make them more confident and proficient.
  • Programme will help in enhancing the worker’s understanding of standard safety norms. Thus, their work longevity social security will increase.



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