Madhya Pradesh government to waive loans taken by tribals from money-lenders

On the occasion of World Tribal Day (WTD-2019), the Madhya Pradesh government has announced that loans taken by tribals from money-lenders would be waived in all tribal blocks of the state. The government will also provide debit cards to tribals through which they can withdraw up to Rs 10,000 from ATMs. The facility to withdraw money from ATMs will be provided at weekly markets. The decision is expected to benefit 1.5 crore tribals. Chief Minister Kamal Nath has also said that the government will also ensure that tribals get back valuables like jewelery and land pledged as collateral for the loan. Now, money-lenders will have to obtain a license from the government for working in tribal areas. The state government has also announced that forest villages would be converted into `revenue villages’ for administrative convenience. The Scheduled Tribes (STs) department would be renamed as Tribal Development Department as per tribals’ demand.

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